About Us

BraidWigiii aims to bring fun, high-quality hair fashion to black women who want to exchange time in the salon chair for time with family, career, and all their passions! Created by Florence Ngollo, each wig is designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans in her native Cameroon. 

"Being both a single mom AND a business owner means time is particularly limited, and precious to me. Gone are the days when I could spend hours at the salon for my stylist friend Cindy to braid and twist my hair!

Yet I love fashion, style and the way hair can transform my mood and look -- don't you? I discovered that wigs are a convenient, fun, way to play with style.

But I had trouble finding the colors, styles and especially quality that I demand.

As an entrepreneur, I'm always looking for unmet needs, just like this one. So when Cindy's husband passed away, leaving her with children to feed -- and no social security or safety net in Cameroon to help her -- the entrepreneur in me saw a way to help many more than just myself. That's how BraidWigiii was born!"

With BraidWigiii, each natural-hair wig is handmade with love and care by Cindy and her team, helps she and her community enjoy a living wage. And customers like you get an excellent, time-saving, style-boosting product for a reasonable price.

We hope you'll help us to help Cindy by spreading the word among your community, too!

Share your beautiful styles on social media and tag @BraidWigiii.Hair (and remember there are 3 "i"s for the three strands that make up a braid 😊).

Thank you for supporting our small business!"